Connect My Variant

Connect My Variant

Do you want to connect with others who have your variant?
Do you want to link your family trees?
Do you want to help your relatives get medical testing for your variant?
This site will help you get started.
There are multiple ways to connect your variant. Rather than offering a single strategy, Connect My Varaint provides different avenues of informing your family, or even people distantly related to you, of possible inherited risk of disease.

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Information provided by ConnectMyVariant

ConnectMyVariant provides a number of informational guides on how to spread awareness amongst your relatives about inherited disease risk. In general, the goal is to find people who may have your variant, and share information about the disease risk that they might have. This can be done with close family members, distant relatives, DNA relatives you find through ancestry testing, or even anyone on the internet using forums to connect about variants. Below is a list of guides provided by this site.

ConnectMyVariant also provides supplementary informational resources to aid in these connections and conversations. These resources may be used to aid you in your connections, or to provide relatives with more information about genetic variants, inherited disease risk, and reasons to continue connecting about genetic variants.

Further Questions?

The ConnectMyVariant team is committed to helping you connect with your family and relatives about your variant. Please do not hesitate to contact us about getting more support in this process.